The most important element of the filter system is filter cartridges. Cartridge is made from wet strength cellulose fiber and wound on the tube. Tension of cellulose wound, which ensures precise capture contaminants, is adjusts for different types of filter cartridges. Bottom part of filter cartridges is molded into a paper reinforcing ring so as to have higher density than the upper part.

This design of cartridges causes progressive capturing contaminants, when larges particles are capturing in top part and small particles in bottom part. This provides that the increasing precision filtration and prevents deformation of the cartridge.

Non-woven fabric is molding on bottom part of cartridge and protect that capturing contaminans are again leak during pressure fluctuations. Filter cartridge has a ribbon to easy removing from filter housing. Filter cartridge WG – type is designed for systems on base water-glycol. WG-type non-absorbing water and filtration capacity is NAS 6 (3 - 5 µm).

T-type has filtration capacity 3-5 µm, H-type 3 µm and HH-type has filtration capacity 1 µm. Result of this special construction-designed filter cartridge is highly precise and efficient filtration. Filter cartridge absorbing lot of contaminants such as metal particles, carbon, dust, sand, fibers and water without damage, changes or removal general oil characteristics and his additives.

Result of ECOFIL filtration is clean oil without changes his general characteristics.