Ultra-fine filtration of hardening and heat transfer oil to 160 °C temperature.

Oil tank volume max. 4000 liters
El. motor 0,75kW
Normal flow volume 12 lit/min.
Max. pressure 8 Bar
Input and output G 3/4 "
Number of filltration units 4 pcs
Suction filter of pump protection 1 pc 100µm
Achieved purity class NAS 5/6
Maximum content of water after filtration 100 p.p.m.
After drying elements less than 10 p.p.m.
Number of filtration elements (rada 351) 4 pcs
Max.operating temperature 160 °C
Viscosity 6 - 400 cSt
Dimensions (length x height x width) 1100 x 530 x 1200 mm
Connection to electricity 230V or 3x230V/400V (50 Hz)
110V/60Hz; 3x220V/440V (60Hz)