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  • production of oil filter housings, filter elements and filtration devices for industrial production and aplications
  • business in the oil filters and hydraulic components for industrial manufacturing
  • consultancy in the field
  • filtration of oil and combustible liquids, oil filtration, and the related management of hazardous waste
  • oil analysis and evaluation


The main activity is the production of filtration devices, filter elements for filtration all kinds of oils and inflammable liquids.

Expansion of the range of services - filtration, offers its customers a very efficient and quick cleaning of all types of oils.

This operation contributes directly to reducing the volume of hazardous waste.

The customer satisfaction and good quality cares an ECOFIL experienced team and production technicians and external consultants.

Since year 1991 the production program of Ecofil is still adjusting to the newest knowledge and requirements of praxis and technical trends of oil filtration, emulsions and nonnflammable fluids.

Ecofil was always adapting to requirements of own product certifications and certificates TI SR - CEOC the manufacture of filtration equipment with international validity